Do you need 3d design?

With costs of building continuously increasing, it is ever more important to ensure that the design that you pay good money for satisfies what your requirements.

At Proteus Architects we design on the latest computer systems and use 3-D design that you can visualise instantly. If this is a service that you would like, we are happy to demonstrate our technology in our office.

When to use 3d?

To take advantage of its full potential, 3-D design should be used from the very beginning of the project in order to benefit the client and the designer - but most importantly the project. The time savings and accuracy of documents is increased and the ability to communicate the building mitigates many project risks.

But further to this, the use of BIM in design (see opposite) is our software's great benefit in actually getting the project built economically and efficiently.

What is Building Information Modelling?

BIM is the creation and use of all information about a building and allows it to be stored in one internally consistent file and allows design through the buildings' total lifecycle (existing, demolition, construction, operation, future). It allows architects to design and make decisions faster and better, and helps to raise the quality of projects.

BIM is better than CAD (computer aided design) in two main ways:

1. It models and manages information - not just graphics, and all information is then generated from one file, including graphics and schedules and more.

2. It supports the elimination of internal miscoordination, thus eliminating redundancy, the need to re-enter data, miscommunication and data errors.

3-D design allows clients the advantage of being able to see the building before it is built, allowing clients to tweak design features- and most importantly before it costs money to do when the builder is on site.

A typical "fly around" of a project

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