Apr 182013

We are proud and excited to announce that the Proteus Architects blog has arrived.

In our blog, we aim to provide you with interesting articles on the latest in architecture and planning news from Sydney and the Southern Highlands. We will mix it up with some interesting facts, photos and encounters. Some totally random items will also be added.

In addition, we will be updating news on our work and progress on jobs including designs, construction photos and discussions held with all sorts of people.

You can get the latest updates directly by subscribing directly to the blog by entering your email address to the right. Once the subscription is activated you will be notified by email as soon as a post is published.

We hope you will enjoy the posts, find them interesting and enriching, and actively participate by commenting on the posts.

If you have any interesting (non-sponsored) content please leave your comments or email us directly.

So, welcome to our blog!


Mark Gerstl

director + founder,

Proteus Architects


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