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Proteus Architects provide architecture and project management services throughout Sydney, the Southern Highlands and the Central Coast. Founded by Sydney Architect Mark Gerstl, Proteus Architects delivers elegant buildings of timeless qualities on time and budget.

We are renown for delivering on our commitments. This commitment is achieved by the fusion of our design flair, technology, experience and skill. Whatever the project Рresidential, commercial, institutional Рwe design your space for flexibility, and with lots of light, space and storage so you can live, work and grow in the building. Then we manage the project to ensure the objectives are met.

In our blog, we aim to provide you with interesting articles on the latest in architecture and planning news from Sydney and the Southern Highlands. We will mix it up with some interesting facts, photos and encounters. In addition, we will be updating news on our work and progress on jobs including designs, construction photos and discussions held with all sorts of people.

We hope you will find it interesting and comment on the posts.


Mark Gerstl

director + owner,

Proteus Architects


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